What People Have To Say About Vera

"Vera Kuranji is a woman who loves Jesus with passion. Vera encouraged and challenged us with God’s Word at our women’s retreat; the message she brought has stayed with us and will continue to change us. Vera is fun, real, and gifted. She spoke with humor and an understanding that touched our hearts and caused us to examine our hearts through God’s eyes. With love that speaks from experience, Vera powerfully shared God’s Word about the woman at the well, and our hearts are forever changed. We highly recommend Vera to speak whenever she is available."

Donna Lodge and the women of Bramalea Alliance Church


"Vera speaks from a heart that overflows with love for the Lord Jesus, for people and for his work in their lives. Her many stirring personal experiences of God's provision and leading -- and the wisdom she has gained as a wife, a mother and a church planter -- never fail to encourage and motivate me to trust and serve Christ more wholeheartedly."

Deb Wilkins
Director of Sponsor Donor Services
Compassion Canada


"Vera Kuranji has a unique gift of being able to encourage women, even those with low self-esteem, to believe that they can achieve anything that God has called them to do. Not only that, but her own life is a remarkable testimony of courage, perseverance and tenacity against all the odds. Vera is not afraid to confront, but always lovingly, constructively and with a great sense of humour.”

Wendy Watson
Hope Alive, UK


“I have had the joy and privilege of hearing Vera Kuranji speak a number of times and in a variety of situations. She is an excellent communicator, with the unique ability to both touch hearts and challenge people to a deeper commitment. Her message is birthed out of having experienced God’s grace and victory in some extremely difficult circumstances and it will encourage all who are facing tough times themselves.”

Bob Beasley
Vice President of International Ministry
Bible League of Canada


“Vera Kuranji brings a great deal of life experience in seeing God at work in marvelous ways. Despite the challenges of a difficult childhood, facing cancer with their young son, raising their family in a war zone in Serbia and dealing with the aftermath for many years to come, God has used Vera in tremendous ways through her compassionate heart to impact the lives of many people. She has a unique gift of connecting with people quickly—bringing them into her life and sharing her life lessons to help them along their way. Every time we listen to Vera, either around her kitchen table, or in a public setting, she has an unusual way of bringing us into her life and the journey God has taken her on. People are challenged, motivated and warmed by her humour, innovation and great compassion and love for lost and needy people. We highly commend Vera as a dynamic conference speaker that will stir and move hearts to be engaged in God’s kingdom work. We have worked with Daniel and Vera for the past 15 years in our role as Regional Developers in the Silk Road for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.”

Gerald and Dorothy Hogenbirk
Regional Developers, Silk Road
Christian and Missionary Alliance


“Over a period of three decades as a president of Eurovangelism UK I have had the privilege of observing the way God has led and equipped Vera to share the love of God with a multitude of needy, vulnerable people, most of whom were without hope physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Fruitful is the only word to describe how so many have experienced the healing, peace and and love of God."

Gary Cox


"Vera very quickly identifies with pain in the lives of women. Her own journey of pain and suffering gives her a very credible platform to share God’s truth and love. She instantly endears herself to all she meets and ably leads women to Jesus, the one who meets all needs."

Glendyne Gerrard
National Director, Women's Ministries
Christian and Missionary Alliance


"Vera Kuranji is a powerful communicator who has a passion for Jesus and for inspiring people to discover their unique calling and to live purposely for Christ! She has had profound life experiences that she reflects on theologically and shares so genuinely from her heart. Vera has an ideal balance of humour, raw emotion and story-telling ability that rivets an audience. Her life reflects her compassion for the those in need. I have been inspired not only by Vera's speaking but by observing her love and care for hurting people."

Joanne Beach
Director of Alliance Justice and Compassion
Christian and Missionary Alliance


"Be careful! Vera Kuranji will challenge, inspire, encourage, and motivate you to do something and be something for God!"

Garth Leno
Senior Pastor
Heritage Park Alliance Church